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So you’ve conducted a successful interview with Montgomery Riordan and have it all on audio file to refer to when you need to.

So why should you transcribe it?

Well, transcribing an audio interview turns it into an easily searchable document.

Imagine you are in the middle of writing and you remember that Monty mentioned in passing his role in the kidnapping and rescue of Bill Kronin. This passing mention has suddenly become more significant to your research and you want to remind yourself exactly what he said. You think this mention was towards the end of the interview so you start listening to your audio files. After 10 minutes of going backwards and forwards you still can’t find it so you decide to listen to this hour long interview from the start.

If the interview had been transcribed the process of finding the reference would have been a lot simpler. You would open the Word document, use the search tool to find ‘Kronin’ and hey presto the reference is found. There is even a time note so you know the mention was between 20 and 25 minutes into the interview. It is then so much easier for you to go the exact point in the interview that he mentioned his role so you can listen to his intonation.

Using a professional, native English speaking, transcription service, like the one offered by Halcyon Virtual Assistance, saves you time by creating a searchable document which can easily be referred to during the course of your current and future research.

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