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Do you Doodle?

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Trying to set up meetings with more than two people can be frustrating at times. You send an email suggesting a date, emails fly back and forth, your inbox becomes rather full and just when you think you have a date confirmed you get an email to say Prof Yaffle can’t make it after all and you are back to square one.

But now there is a handy online tool called Doodle. Doodle is an online scheduling tool which is free to use and makes setting up meetings much easier. Simply go to the Doodle website and create a poll with your suggested dates. You are then given a link to the poll which you can email to your colleagues. Everyone can add their names to the poll and choose which dates and times they can do. No more flying emails, just a poll which lists availability at a glance.

You don’t even have to register with Doodle, the scheduling tool is free to create and use for everyone. If you do decide to register then additional fields and settings become available to you, but it is perfectly useable without registration.

The polls also have a free text option, which is handy if you are trying to decide between venues rather than dates.

I have used Doodle to schedule meetings, choose venues and more. It is a simple and easy to use tool which saves both time and a full inbox.


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